Fotoansichten © Alexandra Ivanciu

The work "Zer-Störung" tells the story of different periods of his city of birth, Mosul. The starting point for the work was photographic material from his family's archive as well as his own photos taken in Mosul. As carriers of memories, they have visible and invisible layers. An observation that is already expressed in the title. A play on words. The English translation of "Zerstörung" is "destruction" and describes the brutal damage that man inflicts on the world, his environment and other people. "Störung," in turn, means "irritation" in English, a term that for the artist is strongly connected to the impermanence of things. Hameed uses abstraction as a strategy to break down the original function of images and change the way of reading them.

Mutter Fotostudio, Mossul 1979/2022 , Hahnemühle Papier Kaschiert auf Alu-Dibond, 85*105 cm.